Combine Stats above

Height: 6′ 4 Weight: 255 lbs

The combine was recently and you did really well, I would love to hear your personal thoughts on your performance and if you thought there were maybe some drills you could have done better on.


Overall, I think it was a good combine for me. We started with the jumping drills first and I was OK with my vertical jump so I won’t redo that on my Pro Day. My broad jump was a good one, I think I got a 10’5”, but I think I could have done better on that one, maybe a 10’8” so I might redo that one on Pro Day but I don’t know for sure or not yet, it just depends on if a team would like to see a big jump for that so that was OK. I did well on the 3-cone drill so I probably won’t redo that one; I was OK with that. With the 5-10-5, I think I could do a little bit better. I think I got like a 4.28, which is good but I think I can do better so that may be one I redo. I was good with my 40-time. There may be one or two drills I redo at Pro Day but overall, I was very happy with the day.


Which teams did you meet with at the combine individually?


I met with the Lions, Redskins, Browns, Panthers, and the Dolphins.


Looking at your game as you go into the next level, what would you say your biggest strength is?


My biggest strength is my pass rush ability. Some people tell me that I’m a good pass rusher and that I’m not a great pass rusher, but to me, I don’t play the game to be a great pass rusher, I play the game to affect the quarterback. There are a lot of things that I still have to work toward, but for now I would say my pass rush ability.


And if there’s something you think you could improve on heading into the NFL, what do you think that would be?


I would say the biggest thing is that when I pass rush, there are times when you can bend the corner tighter as you try and sack the quarterback and there are times when, if I do that more often even if the quarterback steps up in the pocket 3 to 4 yards, I can get to the quarterback a lot sooner.


Is there an NFL player that you compare your game to or someone that you kind of idolize?


Someone that I idolize is Cameron Wake from the Miami Dolphins. Things that I look at with him are his takeoff, his explosion, and his ability to bend the corner really tight, so there are a lot of things that I take away from him.


As you probably saw at the combine, there is a lot of talent coming off the edge. Where would you rank yourself in terms of this draft class?


I don’t really want to get involved in saying I’m better than someone here and there but to me, I feel like I’m a pretty good pass rusher, and of course there’s people saying that I’m not that good of a pass rusher. I put myself right up there with the best of them. Whoever they say is the best one, I feel like I’m right up there with those guys.


What is one thing the average person doesn’t know about you, outside of football?


Other than football, my favorite thing is NASCAR. I watch it all the time when I get a chance to. I wasn’t able to see the race last week because of the combine on Sunday and the previous week I was training but I love it.


Do you have a favorite driver?


At the moment, I’ve been cheering for Ryan Truex Jr.


What are you going to do with that first NFL paycheck?


I’ll probably buy myself a car. Nothing too expensive but something that can get me around and nothing that people can pick on me about.


Any car you have your eye on?


I’ll probably get a used truck that’s a couple years old.


Interview by Jared Tokarz and Evan Morrison